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Use of webshop

The webshop operation and the process of ordering:

AIn the web shop we tried to develop everything in the usual way. So who have bought online, its no problem to use.

The items get into Your virtual basket after pushing „Basket” botton

AThe actual content of Your basket can always be seen on the right. Here, the system will automatically calculate the delivery costs and the C.O.D fee,too (if it is possible to deliver with C.O.D). These costs, of course, will only be billed at the end, if you really applied to the package delivery service as well as with C.O.D (ie, we have tried to show the maximum amount you may need to pay). The here calculated fee refers to daylight delivery.

If "You threw" all products in the basket, you need, you can press the right side "Order" button. It also does not order the product, just start the next stage of the buying process.

On the "Basket" page You can view and edit the contents of your shopping basket. You have only to concentrate on the products to be ordered, delivery and payment method set up in the next step will be allowed.

If there have products in your shopping basket (and in such a quantity), you would like to buy, then with the "Next" button to move to the next step, to the "Checkout" .

On the top of the page "Checkout" You have to check the addresses (you can change), then the products (this has also the possibility to change).

There are cases when the products appear in two groups. The one group is:items in stock which we pack and send immediately to You (if You wish). The other group is:orderable items out of which there is no stock at the moment, but we can get them. That is why we separate them for You to decide how to send You (Shall we send the items in stock right away or to wait until the ordered items arrive,too and send them all together.

If You have a coupon code.then You have the opportunity to give it. The coupons may take a different discounts, including discounts on products or free delivery.

Whatever you write to us into the "Comments" box, , this text will be part of the order. I do not think that I should explain more the significance.

In the end You can choose the transportation and paying method. You will see that certain modes only available for a certain payment methods, and the total cash changes,too. Continuously inform you about this, feel free to try the options, and in the end choose the one, best for You..

Finally, press the "Buy" button. At the moment Your order enters the system which by the products in stock means that the products are successfully allocated at this moment for you.

About the order You get on the confirmation e-mail , in which we inform You about the ordered items as well as about any facts.

As my colleagues have received your order (at working time), made up from the shelf the ordered goods by You.

Then seal the package, prepare the paper for delivering the parcel and at the end of the day.we pass it to the courier. The courier in the specified period of time (depending on your country) delivers the packet.

14 days money pay back guarantee
One important thing you should know: When order through our webshop, within 14 days You have the right to return the goods , if it does not suit you. It is very important that you do not have to explain why returned, only to take care that the goods be returned as new (if it is packaged, than in unhurt packaging ) back to us!
In this case, we will refund the price of the product for you.
It is also important to note that the delivery cost is not refunded and return delivery must be provided to you.

Maybe that was a bit long, but it is worth reading it, believe me.
Now you can see that the automation system is prepared for everything, and my colleagues will do our best to ensure that you receive the best service

I wish happy browsing and convenient shopping:

László Tamás
Kelet-Agro Ltd., owner

So far, alltogether 37857 we have served in 91 Country.
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