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Fuel filter cartridge for Japanese compact tractors KA-F245, MM400861, set of 30 pieces, SPECIAL PRICE!
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Product number : ka- f245 30pcs set

Product Description :

Plastic in-line fuel filter assy with bleed screws for universal use. The price listed is for 30 pieces of filters. Price of 1 piece comes to 2,66 Euros. The listed Japanese compact tractor models are originally equipped with it: Hinomoto E14, E14D, E15, E15D, Iseki HL160, SG15H, TX1000, TX1000F, TX1300, TX1300F, TX1500, TX1500F, Mitsubishi D1100, D1100FD, D1300, D1300FD, D1350, D1350FD, D1450, D1450FD, D1500, D1500FD, D1600, D1600FD, D1800, D1800FD, Noda NR1501, Satoh ST1100, ST1300, ST1300D, ST1320, ST1340, ST1420, ST1440, ST1510, ST1510D, Suzue M1301. Fits also: Deutz-Fahr Agrokid 50 with Mitsubishi S4L2-T engine, Hitachi UE004 with Mitsubishi K3B engine, UE005 with Mitsubishi K3E engine, UE008 with Mitsubishi K3E engine, UE011 with Mitsubishi K4E engine, UE20 with Mitsubishi K3E engine, UE30 with Mitsubishi K4E engine, UE40 with Mitsubishi K4E engine, Mitsubishi S3L, S3L2, S4L2, L2E, L3E engines. Pel-Job EB11 with Mitsubishi 3 cylinder engines, Schaeff HR16 excavator with Mitsubishi S4L2 engine, HR12 Mini excavator with Mitsubishi L3E engine, Terex HR14 with Mitsubishi S4L2 engine (s/n 1431-3136), HR16, HR11 with Mitsubishi L3E engine, HR12 (s/n 5587-up), HR13, HR16 (s/n 358/1398-up), Toro Groundsmaster 217D, Groundsmaster 322D with Mitsubishi engine, Groundsmaster 325D with Mitsubishi K3D engine. Replaces: DC8610, SK3684, Clark 6644223, Greyfriars 83G, Ingersoll-Rand 85426815, Mitsubishi 4120300, MM304900, MM335368, MM400861, MM435190, Peljob E7410170, Schaeff-Namco 5527655811, Toro 431820, Woodgate WGF9060

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