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Flail mower 145 cm, with reinforced gearbox, for Japanese compact tractors, EFGC145, SPECIAL OFFER!
Transportation :
Pallet Delivery! 

This product can be sent as palletized as goods . If there is such a product in your shopping basket, the whole consignment is sent as palletized as we used to, because it is cheaper for you. It is useful if you anticipate receiving a pallet of goods, as it often can not be moved by human power. 

Product number : EFGC145 3.26.145

Product Description :

Best price and best quality!

Horizontal centerline mower-mulcher machine with swinging mashing hammers.

Its working width is 145cm, its whole width is 155cm. There is a V-belt connection between the drive and the rotor. This connection warrants the safety stoppage with slide-slip in the case of interfering with some hitch.. For its use 540 rev/min. PTO drive is needed.

The minimal performance need is 22HP. Its weight is 260kg. The fixed drive system is attached free running its driving is easy it can be solved with a standard PTO axle.

Transport cost to Austria, Croatia, Germany, France, Slovakia is 100 Euro + VAT. VIDEO

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