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Diesel Engine Kubota D600
Transportation :
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This product can be sent as palletized as goods . If there is such a product in your shopping basket, the whole consignment is sent as palletized as we used to, because it is cheaper for you. It is useful if you anticipate receiving a pallet of goods, as it often can not be moved by human power. 

Product number : D600

Product Description :

Low hours used (usually 200-700 hrs), good, working condition Kubota D600 type, 3 cylinder, 599ccm, 13HP diesel engine after testing, oil, filter, and fan belt replacement. The accessories displayed on the photos: water pump, alternator, etc... Transport cost to EU countries is 100 Euro + VAT.

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1.333,50 EUR (1.050,00 EUR + VAT) / pc
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