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Bale wrapper for Komondor RKB round balers
Transportation :
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This product can be sent as palletized as goods . If there is such a product in your shopping basket, the whole consignment is sent as palletized as we used to, because it is cheaper for you. It is useful if you anticipate receiving a pallet of goods, as it often can not be moved by human power. 

Product number : Komondor bcs

Product Description :

Roll bale wrapper for 50-60cm diameter, 70cm long roll bales. It is equipped with a 6HP, 4-stroke, air-cooled gasoline engine. It can be used for packing both dry and green fodder bales. The motor drives the packing table around its vertical axis through a detachable drive belt drive and drive housing. At the same time, the rotary cylinders on the table are actuated to rotate the bale around its longitudinal axis. As a result of the two direction rotations, foil is protected against the entire surface of the bale. The number of threads of the film can be changed. In the lower hole position there are 11, in the center 19, and in the upper position 30 threads are made. When the preset run is reached, the mechanical switch mechanism releases the tensioner drive belt and the wrapping stops. The bale is moved manually. Size of the wrapper is 180x70x100 cm. Weight 85 kg. Please contact us for transport quotation.

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